About Answer ALS

Answer ALS is the largest coordinated research effort to end ALS in the history of the disease. The project is being led by some of the world’s top scientists and institutions, and follows an “open-source” model, giving researchers worldwide complete access to the newest thinking. Answer ALS aims to create the largest and most comprehensive foundation of ALS data ever amassed, encompassing clinical, chemical, genetic, protein, historical and biological data from an enormous sampling of ALS patients in the United States.

How will this be achieved?

  1. Generate stem cells to replicate patients’ own motor neurons
  2. Perform cutting edge, advanced biological analyses (“multi-omics”) to understand how/why ALS motor neurons fail and die
  3. Comprehensively assess patients in the clinic and at home through the use of “wearable” technology
  4. Apply “Big Data” analysis to identify disease variation patterns
  5. Develop treatments based on unique pathways identified

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